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Food For Thought: Finish The Sentence

October 31, 2012

I literally have not left my house in 48 hours and am feeling the stir craziness building up and reaching Yellow Wallpaper levels (not really, actually that story still haunts me to this day) but have been finding ways to counteract feeling trapped: doing yoga videos in my living room, catching up on/discovering wonderful blogs here on WordPress, doing research on my health, and…watching Oprah with my mother. Ah life.
Now, Oprah has a new series on her OWN channel called Super Soul Sunday and it is actually truly inspiring television. Oprah interviews everyone from Deepak Chopra to Rainn Wilson to Cheryl Strayed about issues of spirituality, the meaning of life and death, lessons learned…it’s really beautiful and powerful and awe-inspiring much of the time and I feel like I’ve gained a lot from the few episodes I’ve seen.

But the reason I bring this up is because Oprah ends each interview with a series of “fill-in-the-blank” questions and her ultimate final question is “What do you know for sure?” I really enjoy hearing how all these different people answer these questions and so I started thinking about hosting one on this blog.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot on WordPress about people who struggle with losing weight, with body image issues, with food dependency. I write about all of these topics quite frequently, and have learned a lot about my own relationship/opinions with these subjects through my writing here. So, I thought it would be interesting to pose a series of “Fill-in-the-blank” type questions that relate to these topics and have anyone who wants to answer them, or at least consider them in their own minds and lives. Shall we begin?

I view food as…

My weight is…

When I think about my body, I think…

What I want in terms of health is…

The most important thing I’ve learned about for my own body is…

Let’s start with those 5 questions. Obviously, there are many answers to each, every individual is going to have a different response, and there are many complexities and meanings to each. But ponder them, delve into yourself and search for your own personal meaning, answer them here if you like, and in my next post I will share my own responses.


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  1. October 31, 2012 1:34 am

    Your questions have hit me in my soft spot. I have chronic pancreatitis, so I’m sure my answers will be different from most.
    I view food as my enemy.
    My weight is 108.
    When I think about my body, I pray it doesn’t get any thinner.
    I want my health to be what it was one year ago…perfect.
    The most important thing I’ve learned is to take life and my body’s issues one day at a time.

  2. October 31, 2012 9:51 am

    I’m like Sherry. I have an illness that used to make me super skinny. Not pancreatitis, but a thyroid condition. I got tired of my friends saying they wish they were like me or had my illness. My disease is not curable, but treatable. Left untreated I could die. Now I’m in remission and I’m at a normal weight. But I still get tired of people saying they wish they were like me. It was an awful ten years and I will have to live with it my whole life. I wish Sherry the best of luck with her illness.

  3. October 31, 2012 5:51 pm

    I view food as a double-edged sword.

    My weight is 170.2 lbs.

    When I think about my body, I think “I wish I was thinner”.

    What I want in terms of health is to feel that I’m in control of my body and that it doesn’t control me. This would hopefully be realized by my ability to do more types of exercises without feeling tired within the first 5-10 minutes.

    The most important thing I’ve learned about for my own body is that my issues stem from trying to live up to expectations that have been placed one me my whole life, and it’s only recently that I realized if I were to ever get to a place where I can fully accept myself, then I need to face the emotional trauma which occurred at different points in my life.

    On a side note, I really enjoy your blog. I’m a new reader but I love how you use this blog as a way to educate people about food and weight struggles, etc. Keep up the good work.

    • November 13, 2012 5:06 pm

      Thank you so much for sharing, Annie. I definitely identify with all that you said and really appreciate your encouragement.

  4. November 2, 2012 10:04 am

    I think these are great questions. Linking to your post on my blog; hope that is okay. Thanks!

  5. Sexy Curmudgeon permalink
    November 5, 2012 3:07 pm

    These questions are extremely useful, I agree, precisely because they can mean such vastly different things for different people. For some, health and wellness is a struggle, for some, food itself and eating habits may be the problem, instead of weight or body image. It’s a great way for people to explore and assess their own relationship to these issues; I can see these questions easily being used in group therapy sessions, workshops, the list is endless.

  6. November 13, 2012 5:05 pm

    Thank you all so much for your responses. It’s amazing how intimate and intricate our relationship with food and our bodies is and your answers have shown that. As for my own answers, I spent a lot of time thinking about this and realized they are a mix between all that you have said, as my relationship with food and my body is often directly correlated to my health struggles and my weight.

    I view food as…my best friend and worst enemy. But then I think “Or is that me and my food choices and cravings that I’m actually talking about and not food itself?”
    My weight is…a constant struggle. More a feeling than a number on the scale, I have days where I feel perfectly comfortable with my weight and days where I want to rip off my own skin and start again.
    When I think about my body…I wish I thought more about “strength” and “energy” and “power” than about “image” and “self-consciousness” and “hiding” and “pain.” I wish I honored my body and worked with it instead of constantly struggling against it and putting it down.
    What I want in terms of health is…to feel balanced, strong, in control, free, and for the struggle to be put to rest.
    The most important thing I’ve learned for my own body is…to be kind to it, to listen to it, and to take it one day at a time.

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