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October 30, 2012

Fascinating information on sugar. We all crave it, but we need to be aware of what we’re doing to our bodies when we indulge.

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As a natural health care physician I get a lot of questions on this topic. What is good what is bad? So let’s start with some basic information.

Did you know that 1 teaspoon of white sugar can reduce your immune system for up to 4 hours? Sugar can cause mineral imbalances within the body, feed yeast (candida), rise triglyceride levels, elevate harmful cholesterol, increase inflammation, increase risk of cancer, weaken eyesight, increase asthma symptoms, contribute to osteoporosis, contribute to blood sugar imbalances and diabetes, increase fluid retention, result in irregular bowel patterns, increase risk of hypertension, weight gain, as well as contribute to hormonal imbalances, to name a few things. This is why it is very important for moderation.

I try to stress to patients that many of the sugar substitutes that are out there are in many ways worse than sugar (as bad a as sugar sounds). The…

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  1. Streetflash permalink
    October 30, 2012 7:51 pm

    I just ate half a box of cookies – somehow I can manage to eat healthy in all other areas but my downfall continues to be SUGAR – blarg

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