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Media Spot-Lite: Baby Weight Frenzy

September 15, 2012

Hangry has clearly been a hot mess with posting (again) and would like to take this moment to apologize (again) for my lacking recently. Ugh–life has been real busy recently! And now I’ll be away (West Coast here I come!) for the next week, so I make no guarantees about my posting then either…

But, before I depart, I wanted to update y’all on the recent spate of BABY WEIGHT news (?) that has been hitting the stands/internets recently. Not long ago, I bought into this whole mess with a post about Jessica Simpson and her multi-million Weight Watchers deal, and now…well, I think this article best sums it up:

109 Headlines about Jessica Simpson’s Baby Weight

Clearly she has participated in the “news” — inking a deal with Weight Watchers four weeks after her baby was born. But the sheer volume of reports about her body — her weight— is mind-boggling.

Obviously, we’re a very celebrity-obsessed culture. And we’re always talking about weight and body image. Moms and motherhood? Hot topics. Thus, the Jessica Simpson Baby Weight Loss narrative, a combination of three favorite talking points, has become a juggernaut, chugging along for months. It’s not just about her anymore: It’s about fat-shaming, what we expect from mothers, accepting that weight loss is hard work, feeling that celebrities are “just like us” and, of course, Schadenfreude.

Ugh ugh ugh. Now, there’s so much that could be said about this, but I’m not going to for several reasons. A) I have a plane to catch and I just don’t have time right now; but most importantly, B) I’m going to let y’all inform yourselves by linking to a bunch more fascinating articles and starting a discussion. I personally learn through conversation and that is what this blog is to be a vehicle for in and of itself. So, read on dear readers. And please share with me your thoughts.

Jessica Simpson Did Not Realize All The Weight Wouldn’t Come Off With the Birth Of the Baby

QOTD: Kate Hudson Lost Her Baby Chunk By Exercising 6 Hours a Damn Day

Former US Weekly Editor Has No Right To Be Pissed About the Post-Baby Body Obsession

Tracy Anderson Criticizes Women Who “Let Their Bodies Go” During Pregnancy

Tracy Anderson ‘Mortified’ By Reaction To Her Body Shaming, Doesn’t Say Sorry


(Image Courtesy of Yahoo!)

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  1. September 15, 2012 9:54 am

    Not a big follower of celebrities in general or JS in particular, but my peripheral knowledge of her, gleaned from the covers of supermarket checkout magazines and internet news site headlines (I don’t often click on the stories themselves) is that she *is,* in fact, a celebrity who’s a little more “like the rest of us” than some of the other famous new moms we’ve seen. There are the supermodels who are walking the runway six weeks after giving birth (I was still bleeding like a stuck pig and stumbling around in a zombie-like, sleep-deprived state six weeks post partum, with a stretched out pouch of belly flab hanging down to my thighs that has only somewhat dissipated a decade later). Jessica is not “naturally thin,” does not ” have a high metabolism,” can’t “eat anything she wants but not put on weight” — it was an intense struggle, as is my understanding, for her to get that “Daisy Duke” body for the movie — and the minute that movie was over, she went back to eating whatever it is a big Texas girl eats, and gained a lot of weight. She’s not a lithe, lean body type and for her to achieve and maintain a Standard Hollywood Body takes a lot of effort — even before motherhood. Now she took that pregnancy ball and ran with it — she can claim whatever weight she wants, but I know how much I weighed during pregnancy and what she looked like in her pregnancy photos, and she was well into the 230s if not the 240s. She’s a little older. Her hormones have changed. Any pregnancy — even a “small” one, where the mom-to-be only gains 15 or 20 lbs — changes a woman’s body. JS likes food. She hates exercise. For all her faults (chickentuna?), she doesn’t toe that Hollywood PR line like a lot of famous women do, saying that they just eat a lot of fish and vegetables and do a little Pilates and that’s all it takes. She’s a chunkier, heavier body type, as am I, and I know that it takes an extremely clean diet and intense daily exercise on my part to keep my weight and size where I want it. I suspect she is in much the same boat — a very small rope with which to hang ourselves. So now it’s will she just be who she is and be the chunky girl in the super skinny world, or will she start going the European diet pill route to fit the screen standard?

    • September 19, 2012 12:34 pm

      Wanted to note that this morning in the supermarket, one of the rags is running a headline “Surgery Secret: How Jessica Simpson REALLY lost the baby weight!”

  2. Sexy Curmudgeon permalink
    September 17, 2012 8:12 pm

    I would only criticize Jessica Simpson herself for participating in the UNHEALTHY (and I think that word is absurdly over-used, but here I believe it may be legitimate) yo-yo diet culture that the celebrity world endorses. Celebrities like Simpson and Janet Jackson dropping and gaining hundreds of pounds regularly is a horrible, traumatic stress to put a body and a mind through. It is these types of models, excessively overweight then excessively skinny, that makes young women think they can achieve these same sort of miracles (without personalized trainers or dietitians) AND completely robs them of any sort of healthy, physically and mentally, body image for them to follow.

  3. October 4, 2012 2:45 pm

    I hadn’t actually thought of it that way before. You’re right, by signing up to the deal so publicly she’s obviously opening that door to the public following the progress. Although, I have to say, that she would have been harassed either way so why not make 3 mil out of it?

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