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Humor and Inspiration: HangryHippo and Absurd Search Terms

May 15, 2012

The other day I was explaining to dear friend of mine and #1 commenter on this blog SexyCurmugeon about how WordPress tracks the “Search Terms” that lead folks to your blog. We were having a lovely chat with a fellow blogger, DistrictofColumbaloney, and began to discuss how absurd and hilarious some of these terms that bring readers to us are. So, I’ve decided to post some of my absolute favorites for your personal enjoyment. And if you’ve come to this site for any of these terms, I invite you to please stay. Because I appreciate all that you’re searching for, even if it confuses me a teensy bit.

This could be you, dear readers!


fat as** in ultra high heels

hippo says f*** you

jennifer lawrence breast

i look like a man without makeup

people with thumbs up

i want a famous face

bear on treadmill

forgive me quotes

begging puppy face

blue people of kentucky

promise day quotes

i need some inspiration

you will survive

does tyra banks still have a talk show

buddhist offering holy water bowl

hippo on a exercise bike

молочный коктейль

why do kelly osbourne and christina aguilera hate each other

ryan reynolds ugly

fat joe naked

male 6’2″ 238 lbs

barbie with vagina

here’s to us here’s to ordering a salad picture

megabus man

yogurt hippo

jessica simpson the hippo

i need inspiration quotes to complete my work


And there you have it! From a hippo with a foul mouth to a Russian milkshake (thanks google translate…), HangryHippo has inspired some truly wonderful searches on the wasteland that is the internets.

I will leave you with this youtube video that I found by googling “internet is crazy” called “Viral Video Film School: Best of Crazy Online Communities” where the #1 youtube commenter says

“Hippo giving birth to a motorcycle”

probably the only place you’ll ever hear that sentence…

thereby giving HangryHippo a personal goal to use that sentence so it will become a future search term. Oh, I just did. Booya.


(Image courtesy of Zazzle)


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  1. Sexy Curmudgeon permalink
    May 17, 2012 2:29 am

    I’m so glad you’ve finally shed some light on why this blog so speaks to me, hangry. I was never exactly sure why I was drawn to your blog, but now I know: after all, bears on treadmills, the megabus man, barbie with a vagina, and молочный коктейль pretty much sums up my life. Glad I have some company!

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