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May 3, 2012

Hilarious and true.

It's Your World, I'm Just Living In It

Let’s be honest, dieting is the worst. It makes everything around you boring as hell.

Your food is boring.

Your choice of restaurants is boring.

Your experimental cooking is boring.

And as I noticed this weekend, your grocery shopping is boring.

When you’re a kid/an adult who doesn’t care about his weight, grocery shopping is like a bi-weekly Christmas for your stomach. It’s exciting, refreshing, fulfilling, and you never know what amazing things you’re going to get. Think about it.

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  1. May 3, 2012 11:05 am

    As I often do, I’m going to play Debbie Downer. Perhaps the post was meant as tongue-in-cheek, but it strikes me as petulant and silly; the textbook mentality of someone who’s doomed to a life of struggling with weight. Should the” joy and excitement” in our lives really come from gorging on junk food in front of the TV? His “boring” shopping list is STILL full of crap (Gogurt? Is she in preschool? American cheese?) and he sounds like a PMSing fat girl, looking for a “diet” where Fruity Pebbles and pancakes are “allowed.” He writes, Is there anything more satisfying than knowing you’re going home to demolish a box of Shark Attack fruit snacks?” Um…yes. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and feeling amazing, strong and mentally and physically healthy is more satisfying than eating blobs of artificially colored chemical gel. Just sayin…even if he is being facetious, posts like that don’t do anything to get people off the “food as a drug” crazy train.

    • May 22, 2012 5:17 pm

      As the author of the original post, I’m glad I found this comment so that I could reply. First of all, if you looked at anything else on my blog, you’d know that I am here 100% for comedy and to make people laugh. Which, based on the comments I got from my readers, was accomplished by this post.

      That being said I’d love to fill you in on the success of this diet and the background. Last year I started doing this diet and exercising and lost 32 lbs over 3 months. After moving a couple times, I put some of that back on and decided to do it again. Again I’ve been on it for 2.5 months and have dropped 18 lbs while consistently running 10-20 miles per week. Dieting and exercising constantly is hard and if you can’t find some joy and splurging once in a while on food that makes you happy, you’ll never survive it. This post wasn’t here to help people with their obsession with food or show you that happiness comes from fruit snacks. I did it to make people laugh, end of story.

      As for my list that i still “full” of crap (by full you are referring to 2 of the 12 things i listed) the gogurt, according to weigh watchers which I know, millions and millions of people are on right now, it is only 2 points, which is a great value snack. And for the american cheese, it’s an amazing snack when you eat one or two thin slices each day.

      I know you’re just playing the Debbie Downer roll but that roll sucks. Play the let’s laugh and have fun and not judge people based on eating gogurt roll. That roll is a lot more fun and will get you a lot further.

      • July 11, 2012 8:16 pm

        Sorry, I’ve been meaning to reply to this but life has gotten in the way:
        As I clearly stated in my “About” section, that “I have noticed in my perusal of other sites, that a lot of overweight hate is being spewed, especially in the comments section. None of that will be tolerated here. This is a space for satire and absurdity, not for bigotry and misinformed judgments.” And I truly meant that. The reason why I reposted the original “Dieting” post was because I found it satirical and hilarious–who actually enjoys being on a diet? Why do we torment ourselves and feel that we are missing out on life? The original author did a terrific job of playing on and making light of a difficult situation that we all face.
        I agree, therefore, that the “PMSing fat girl” comment was inappropriate and out of line. This blog was created to find humor and inspiration in the absurdity of the weight loss industry, not perpetuate the ideologies and stereotypes that we are often forced into believing. Please, commenters, be mindful of what you are saying and how you are saying it. HangryHippo is here to celebrate people’s successes and move away from the unhealthy nature of weight loss that we have been programmed with for so long.

  2. Sexy Curmudgeon permalink
    May 7, 2012 12:36 pm

    I think I need to start by saying I really appreciate the fruity pebbles, pancake, and sorbet diet. We should salute this blogger for rising to Hangry Hippo’s level of ridiculous diet investigative reporting. That being said, I think this satire piece does talk to people who get temporary joy out of junk food, which, especially with the efficacy of flavor enhancement and chemical additives (including glutamates, etc.), have a real obstacle to overcome. It’s true, I don’t usually eat shark attack snacks, but speculoos spread is a viable, upscale, “mature” alternative, right? I could “demolish” a jar of that any day, which shows that people of all age groups and sociohistorical backgrounds can relate to this humorous post.

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