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Fitness Frenzy: Cycle Karaoke

March 6, 2012

Writing this blog instead of exercising (no, I swear, I’m going to the gym in an hour to ZUMBA my little heart out) has given me an insight into the craziness that exists to get people in shape. No, I am NOT talking about DRAG QUEEN WORKOUT SCENE (be still, my heart), which I am still searching aimlessly for a class offering in West Virginia (a girl can dream, can’t she?), but another kind of fabulous but confusing class: CYCLE KARAOKE!

I Will Survive? Hit Me Baby One More Time?

Essentially, this class combines pedaling on an exercise bike and singing even more terribly than you would if you weren’t on an exercise bike and I LIKE IT! Check plus from me. Seriously though, I used to be really into cycling until I a) fell off the bike once (reeeally hurts, take my word for it) and b) started having chest palpitations. So, I had to stop for a while. But, if there were a KARAOKE MACHINE involved, I would so get back up on that bike. Offered only at Crunch Fitness (omigod, wait, there’s a CRUNCH in DC…WHY DID I MOVE TO THE WILDERNESS), this class allows you also to “give your vocal chords a workout”! Kill 2 birds with one stone…or something. Seriously, though, who has the energy or stamina to sing karaoke AND cycle at the same time? I would like to meet this person. Call me if you’re him/her, and I’ll buy you a drink before you hit the microphone.

(Image courtesy of CarrotsNCake, super fabu blog)

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