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Fitness Frenzy: Drag Queen Workout Scene

January 24, 2012

Never has there been a better title than “Drag Queen Workout Scene.” I seriously dare you to try to top that. Go ahead and try. Make my day.

Glorious Future Leaders of Workout Regimes Everywhere

So, my darling redheaded Canadian friend (thank you, bad girl) sent me this glorious link “Drag Queens Boost London Workout Scene: These Workouts Don’t Have To Be A Drag” and I am so enamored that I am currently looking into flights and flats in London. Craig Whymark, professional Drag Queen, explains “We are going to show the ladies how to walk in heels, how to exercise, and just basically how to get the most out of the class.” Then, while slapping his behind, he screams “SEXUAL FACES! SEXUAL FACES, GIRLS” at the eager class of females.

“Glitz and Glamour are usually the point,” explains the newscaster. Which I misheard for “GLUTES AND GLAMOUR” which would honestly be a much better selling point. I really should go into business for the DRAG QUEEN WORKOUT SCENE!!! (In my dreams)WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS FIRST?!

Now, all these fabulous ladies also work the nightclub scene in the evenings, and they teach DRAG QUEEN ROUTINES to their workout crowd so that they can take it out onto the dance floor. “The way to keep fit and health is to do what you enjoy. If you see it as a chore, you’re going to hate it and stop doing it,” explains one personal trainer. Seriously, if I could take a workout class run by expert DRAG QUEENS, I would seriously never stop working out. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to place the video in this post (ah, my lack of expert-tease), so you’ll have to go the original link to see the clip in all its glory.

In conclusion, please enjoy this absolutely unbelievable DRAG QUEEN ENTRY that will blow your mind and most likely cause you to get up on your feet and dance. DRAG QUEEN INSPIRATION EVERYWHERE!!


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