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Forgiveness, Part…?

January 19, 2012

You may have noticed that HangryHippo has been dark for the past almost week (or maybe you didn’t and maybe only I did because HH is always on my mind and in my heart and near my stomach), and you probably thought (no, you didn’t) “Oh! HangryHippo is such an important crucial website that it went dark to protest online piracy legislation, just like Wikipedia or Reddit! What a crusader!” and you would be right (not really, considering that I’m basically an internet pirate myself). But that is only partially the truth. Graciously, the online protest happened right when I was moving to another country (within the USA…it’s hard to explain) and thus I have taken this time to settle in, try to figure out how to steal internet from my neighbors (thusfar unsuccessful, therefore am in the library), and attend class. As usual, I beg for your forgiveness and promise that, in the future, I will dedicate my life, my soul, my being to maintaining this site.

How Can You Not Forgive This Face?! Only if you have no soul...

 In the meantime, treat yourself to a discounted ShakeWeight via Groupon (I would absolutely accept one for my impending birthday)! Or join the Let’s Face It, I’m Fat! Meetup Group! Or Take Action with US PIRG to Stop Subsidizing Obesity! So much to do, so little time before my internet runs out.

(Image courtesy of JingleGraphicDesign)

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  1. Fedora permalink
    January 23, 2012 7:00 pm

    I dont think the Lets face it link is working, More Protesting???!

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