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End of the Week Inspiration: Percolating Pectorals

January 13, 2012

I realize that I have been a hot mess recently in terms of posting, but I have an excuse: I am moving in less than a week and have more than a ton to get done before then. But you have my solemn word (for now) that once I get there and get settled, I will go back to posting with the regularity that y’all deserve. Again, not sure if you care or have even noticed, but I have decided to be as open and honest as possible with all 2 of my readers (Hi, Mom and Dad!) so that you know that I appreciate your enthusiasm for the blog and I WILL GET MYSELF TOGETHER! Take it away, Robyn! VICTORY DANCE!

Ok, now that I’m done shaking my booty to the sweet sounds of Robyn (note: I will never be done shaking my booty to the sweet sounds of Robyn), I shall share another beauteous video of a man who is NOT even male chichi idol Billy Blanks but has fantabulous luscious man chichis that may just start a PERCOLATING PECTORALS COMPETITION: Terry Crews. This “American actor, comedian, voice artist and a former player in the National Football League” did a spot on “My Wife and Kids” and gave us some of his chest pumping action that may just challenge the founding father of male chichis Billy! Take a look:

And thus begins the vote that you can take the weekend to think about: Billy Blanks or Terry Crews as PERCOLATING PECTORAL KING of the week? I know this is a big deal–perhaps even life-changing–so take your time, think it out, and then comment.

Happy Weekend, dearests!

The heretofore Reigning Champion of Man Chichis

I promise you that I had nothing to do with the creation of this picture. All I did was search the internets! Not guilty!

(Images courtesy of my old post and FanPix)

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  1. Fedora permalink
    January 17, 2012 8:04 pm

    I cant believe you have taken to calling me Mom… I am so touched!

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