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Weight Loss Inspiration: Nebraska Teen Loses Half of Body Weight

December 28, 2011


There is no question that I am outdated. An old soul at age 25 who cannot find her place in this fast-paced modern world and longs for a time she never knew. But, as I walked home the other night, listening to Fleetwood Mac on my CD player (WTF? Who still uses a CD player? I do. Me. I still use one), while gazing at the stars, I couldn’t help but wonder: when did we get so distanced from our selves, our bodies, our cores that we pay more attention to how our life looks on facebook than how much we actually prioritize enjoying ourselves in individualistic manners, that we are more concerned with fitting in than embracing what it is that makes us unique, that we listen to the unceasing din of the media instead of listening to what we want and need in our hearts and souls?

A Nebraska Teen recently lost half of her body weight, but it took looking at her past, looking inside of herself, and becoming determined to make a positive change for her to do it. Having struggled with weight since childhood, she explains “I was a depressed child growing up, so I used food as comfort,” Strawn, 20, told “Good Morning America.” “I didn’t have any friends but I had food, so I ate.” By sixth-grade, Strawn weighed 333 pounds, and as her weight increased, so did the bullying at the hands of her classmates.

At age 17, and 550 pounds, Natalie Strawn couldn’t get into a car, was constantly harassed, and dropped out of school due to perpetual bullying. But she decided that she had had enough of letting her weight control her life, joined Weight Watchers and began to exercise (which was very difficult at first, given her extreme weight), and “in the course of three years, she lost 282 pounds and, today, is far removed from both the exercise restrictions she faced, and the size 44 jeans she used to wear.” She has goals to lose even more weight, and has been supported on this journey by her mother, who has been working to lose weight of her own.

Amazing. To me, as someone who constantly feels like we as a society are becoming less and less in touch with reality (when The Kardashians count as daily news and media figures, I just don’t know anymore) and the focus is put everywhere except on learning about and being in touch with our selves, I am super super impressed and inspired by someone who embarked on a challenging yet necessary and life-changing journey that she has dedicated to herself to and come out successful. There are many teenagers getting gastric bypass surgery, never learning how to healthily treat their bodies and having terrible side effects (such as suffering bone loss), which is a worrisome price to pay for fighting obesity. But here we have a young woman who wanted to change her life for herself, and is doing it. True inspiration.

(Image courtesy of RealSelf–which has an interesting take on massive weight loss stories)

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  1. Joe permalink
    December 28, 2011 3:51 pm

    wow, really an amazing story.

  2. doesthissnuggiemakemelookfat? permalink
    December 29, 2011 8:49 am

    Wait, it’s DIET and EXERCISE that makes people lose weight? Hold on a sec…

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