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Food Matters

November 23, 2011

“Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine, And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food.” – Hippocrates

Be forewarned: This documentary, “Food Matters,” could very well change your life. And only for the better.

“Food Matters” is a revolutionary take on health and wellness, and how we can use food to prevent illness and treat our bodies.

With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical drugs to treat what’s wrong with our malnourished bodies, it’s no wonder that modern society is getting sicker. Food Matters sets about uncovering the trillion dollar worldwide ‘sickness industry’ and gives people some scientifically verifiable solutions for overcoming illness naturally.

I was recommended by a dear friend and reader of this blog while I was going through a health crisis of my own, and it seriously impacted the way that I look at food and what I am putting in my body. I have  a long way to go, a lot of changes to make, but what I have learned and continue to learn has already had a deep effect on my personal health and well-being. We live in a society where the pharmaceutical drug industry has undeniable power, and where nutritional options are relatively limited; where people consistently put processed food into their bodies, rarely thinking of the long-term consequences; and where “natural” and “holistic” medicine is generally regarded as hocus-pocus or “alternative” bull. I am living proof that it is not. Of course, for some people, a balance between pharmaceutical drugs and healthy living will be necessary. But, it is crucial to educate ourselves on the natural options that are available and ultra-healing for us.

In what promises to be the most contentious idea put forward, the filmmakers have interviewed several leading experts in nutrition and natural healing who claim that not only are we harming our bodies with improper nutrition, but that the right kind of foods, supplements and detoxification can be used to treat chronic illnesses as fatal as terminally diagnosed cancer.

Superfoods–such as Goji Berries and Maca–to enhance the immune system. Raw Cashews to combat depression. Detox for weight loss.

Goji Berries

There are endless proven natural ways to deal with almost any ailment or health situation. And yet the author of “Death By Prescription” writes that “only approximately 6 percent of the graduating physicians in the U.S. have any training in nutrition.”  Why? An amazing new blog I’ve discovered explains it simply:

Medical Doctors Have Little or No Knowledge of Nutrition Because Medical Schools Offer Little or No Education on Nutrition, Vitamins or Minerals

Why? Why are doctors not learning nutrition, the most basic aspect of human life, in medical school? Well, where’s the money in that? What would happen to the medical industry if we encouraged ways of staying healthy or preventing disease?

The focus of the film is in helping us rethink the belief systems fed to us by our modern medical and health care establishments. The interviewees point out that not every problem requires costly, major medical attention and reveal many alternative therapies that can be more effective, more economical, less harmful and less invasive than conventional medical treatments.

All I can say is: See this film. See it, and then incorporate as much or as little of what is put forward as you see fit. Their website also has an amazing amount of resources available that are definitely worth checking out. I personally know that it has changed my life, and will continue to change as I continue to educate myself.

(Image courtesy of GojiBerry-WeightLoss)

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  1. jenmarie permalink
    November 24, 2011 1:36 am

    I wholeheartedly agree…this is a MUST see. So inspirational and empowering! In an era when humans are getting sicker and sicker, both mentally and physically, this film challenges us to fight for our own health (since the current health care system keeps failing us). Thanks for this wonderful post!

  2. Sexy Curmudgeon permalink
    November 26, 2011 3:54 am

    This reminds me a lot of an article I read last month about an elderly care program called CareMore.
    Although I usually lean closer to the skeptics’ side with dietary guidelines which serve as replacements for (not additions to) more traditional western medicine, this company’s model has actually proven that preventative care – including paying for car services to pick up patients for regular checkups, etc. – is actually significantly cheaper per patient compared to the practices of HMOs and other more standard healthcare options, which wait until the patient has more serious illnesses and often has to be hospitalized. No matter which direction you’re looking in, I think it’s important to realize there are better options out there, and what the “norm.” is for taking care of our health is not what we should have to settle for!

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