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Blow-Out of Workout Videos: Fitness Frenzy

November 11, 2011

Sometimes it seems that I forget or choose to ignore that I started this blog with satirical intention. I get so overwhelmed with the sheer volume of ridiculous or appalling or frightening or insulting news and issues spiraling around out there that I lose sight of my goal to lampoon and laugh at most of what the weight loss industry brings us. And so, to conclude Fitness Frenzy week here on HangryHippo, I present you with a blowout of workout videos–some absurd, some hilarious, some fascinating–to take you into the weekend and beyond.

Jim Carey–Buffed, Beautiful, and Bitchin’: The At-Home Workout with Vera de Milo (from In Living Color)

As someone who used to (full disclosure: still does) workout with at-home videos I had taped off the TV (in the early 90s…I am so outdated), this spoof video of Jim Carey in drag instructing us on how to work off “those unsightly lumps of lard protruding from [our] sternum” actually makes perfect sense to me. Ridiculous and hilarious and spot-on.

24 Hour Ghetto Workout

Now, this is a workout that really got me to thinking. The mission that the founder of this concept states is “Why I came up with the concept of the 24 Hour Ghetto Workout Tape is: Everybody in the hood don’t have money to join 24 hour fitness [clubs].” Although I’m not sure if there ever really was a ghetto workout tape released, it’s fascinating how creative these guys are with working out (plus, super in shape) and use their surroundings to their advantage. Interesting and lesson-worthy: you don’t need expensive exercise supplements or gym memberships to attain and maintain healthy, athletic bodies.

Funny Gym Workout (MadTV)

Since I included a Jim Carey sketch that hit a little close to home for me, I figured I’d also throw in a MadTV skit that also resonates with me. I’ve unfortunately tried out those “free” (except for your dignity) personal training sessions that gyms sometimes offer and have had experiences that are¬†tragically close to to this one. One time a male personal trainer told me that I was “sweating more than almost anyone I’ve ever seen!” while literally and figuratively making me jump through hoops, and another time a female personal trainer told me that if I didn’t sign up for full-time personal training sessions (after my 2 free sessions had expired) that I would “live the rest of my short life in complete poor health.” Some sales pitch, huh? In conclusion, please enjoy this ridiculous, albeit disturbingly accurate, workout sketch.

Dog Working Out

And, lastly, we have a canine pal serving as squat buddy for his exercise-minded owner. This is one of those videos where I’m not sure whether it’s adorable or animal abuse, but it’s worth checking out just for the novelty of it all.


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