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Ridiculous Workouts of the Weekend: My Personal Nightmare

November 4, 2011

I really have no words to describe the horror of the video above. You must view it for yourself and formulate your own opinion, but do not blame me if the face of this woman (at 2:08 or 3:55 in the video) haunts your dreams for a very very long time.

Some people just take fitness to such an extreme that it is horrifying. I mean, are you really wearing an entire spandex bodysuit just to exercise your face? Is that really necessary? And why on earth would you call a neck “crepey and drapey”? No self-respect. Someone needs to get this woman an appointment with Richard Simmons…he’d show her the self-love she so clearly missed out on as a child. Making faces like that as a grown woman? Tsk tsk. But if it saves me an appointment with the plastic surgeon…hhmmmm….(And welcome to Fitness Frenzy week at HangryHippo, my friends! I promise this is not a sign of what is to come…)

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