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Inspiring Website of the Weekend: HealthyIsTheNewSkinny

October 24, 2011

I realize this is an incredibly late post, but I have been away all weekend escorting my mother to her 40th high school reunion in rural PA (fabulous!) and did not have readily available internet access.I am going to post more on this tomorrow also, but I really wanted to take a moment to mention this brilliant new website: HealthyIsTheNewSkinny. HNS features natural models, videos, and their own blog, and here is their mission:

Healthy is the New Skinny is a multi-platform movement to bring a message of health, joy, and responsibility to the beauty and the fashion industries.

Through bold and creative initiatives, HNS works with media, corporate, and modeling partners to create lasting change.

The Perfectly Unperfected Project is the non-profit outreach arm of Healthy is the New Skinny.

Founded by Katie Halchishick and Dr. Hugo Schwyzer, PUP brings a powerful, interactive multi-media presentation about health, self-esteem, and transformation to schools, universities, and general audiences.

HNS isn’t just a company, it’s a lifestyle.

Healthy Is the New Skinny is a place for girls and women to join together and celebrate true beauty. We don’t believe in just telling ourselves to “Love our bodies and Love who we are.” We believe in living out our commitment to love and to health and to beauty. We are dedicated to exposing girls to role models who are thinking big and making their dreams happen – all while living a healthy lifestyle. We are bringing a more fit and joyful look to fashion and working with models who want to be role models. The #1 wish for teenage girls is to be thinner: we’re showing them they deserve to wish for so much more.

Fantastic, right?! I absolutely adore what they are promoting–a commitment to healthy body image and media presence for those who embody this, so that beauty of all types can be promoted and accessible. Working to create a “different vision of what is beautiful” (than what the media tries to force down our throats every single day)= Cause for celebration no doubt, and ultra-inspirational!


Also a perfect way to start off our “body image” week…here we go!

(Image courtesy of PostSecret, one of my all-time favs)

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  1. October 24, 2011 11:41 am

    I took a quick scroll through the blog and I’m pleased to have gotten the impression that it’s targeted at younger women (teens, particularly) and that it emphasizes health. There is this double standard that I may have commented about with you before (I have blogged about it and commented about it on other blogs as well) with society in general and younger women in particular where we are so quick to jump on the “too thin” or “too fitness-conscious,” as “anorexic” or “eating disordered”…but rarely does anyone point out that overeating is also an eating disorder. And I have to say that anecdotally, I see a lot more 180+ lb. teenage girls strutting through the mall with a 600 calorie Starbucks drink in hand than I do 90 lb. waifs picking at salads. We as a society put skeletal models in magazines while telling the obese women to be proud of their “curves” and “love their bodies as they are”…which many of them do by squeezing into ill-fitting clothing styles and continuing to indulge in terrible eating habits all in the name of pride or what I like about that blog is its examples of “medium sized” women who make good lifestyle choices and show that is possible to enjoy life *while* achieving good health.

  2. Sexy Curmudgeon permalink
    October 25, 2011 4:29 am

    So yes, I am going to be the naysayer here, and to pre-empt my reservations I would like to first say that it IS really great they are putting more realistic body images out there for women. THAT BEING SAID…more than half of the website content (videos, images, etc.) is devoted to their modeling campaign, which shows images of women with more realistic body types – great, right? There’s a video of women on the beach, walking around in bikinis, slow pans moving up to show off their bodies…is the fact that women are still being objectified as sex objects REALLY not problematic to the types of progressive women this site seems to be targeting? Since this website is targeting young women, it is encouraging them to show off their natural bodies as the objects of the camera and society’s gaze. I guess what I take from this is that it is a BABY step in the right direction…but I’m still foolish enough to hope for the day that women will not have to place all their energy on showing off their physical attributes and deriving most of their social value from these attributes, but rather be valued for their abilities, intellect, and personalities. If we think about how men are valued so much more for these traits by default, we can perhaps start to see that part of the unhealthy female body crisis we’re currently faced with is an effect among many resulting from the way women are positioned within society.

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