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Not New News, But Still Unbelievable: Tyra Edition: “Fat Hateration”

October 17, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling a deep hole in your heart recently, and it was clearly due to the lack of TTTYYYYYYRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAA absurdity in my life so I am here to fill that for all of us! You’re so welcome. I have not yet decided the theme of the week, but I have a feeling that Tyra will determine it for me…

Tyra did an episode on “Fat Hateration: The Final Frontier of Discrimination” and I believe again coined another term with “hateration.” And again, covered an interesting topic (obesity has, after all, been called “the last bastion of bigotry” and I will deal with this more seriously in a future post) in a less-absurd-than-usual-but-still-sanity-is-somewhat-missing way. This clip (Part I…look out for Part II!) features two cousins, both of whom are overweight, one of whom has a BIG problem with big people. She thinks that bigger people are “disgusting,” she makes fun of them openly in public, and believes that in a workplace “bigger people should work in the back,” thinner people in the front. Say WWHHHAATTT?? This woman apparently was whipped into shape when she went to join the Air Force and was told that she had to lose weight to join…which she saw as an “aesthetic” problem but Tyra explained to her (and when TYRA has to explain something to you, you know you’re confused) is [at 2:48 mark] “so that soldiers can be strong…so that we as American citizens can be safe in our country…to protect us. Now, I don’t understand why you’re saying that to a woman at a fair. Do you feel that you’re giving her a service, that you’re telling her something she doesn’t know?” Tyra also gets all psychologist-y on this womans ass and explains to her that clearly she hates herself because she is hating on bigger people and this is all “a reflection on YOU!” But, I will give Tyra credit where credit is due: this is an issue that people need to be called out on. Condoning “Hateration” of any type –be it against size, race, sexuality, gender, religion–on any kind of level (be it personal or societal) is unacceptable and we all need to take a stand against it. We can’t just let Tyra do it for us. We all need to take a stand.

Phew. Tyra also of course finds a chance to promote herself at the end of the clip by declaring that she employs “amazing skinny, curvy, thick, fat, juicy, twinky [?]…all types of bodies that are the most amazing people working in the front, the back, the side, the under” of her offices. Mazel Tov, Tyra! You are a better person than all of us combined and you have brought awareness through your very serious talk show to a very serious issue. I can’t wait to see Part II…

(This is HangryHippo’s 100th post!!!!!!! I don’t know whether to be excited or depressed about that fact…but here’s to 100 more!)

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  1. Sexy Curmudgeon permalink
    October 20, 2011 4:35 am

    Oh wow, where to start!? Am I really missing the point if this just makes me wonder about the format of talk shows? But yes, I applaud Tyra for bringing this issue to light …or do I? I can’t help feeling suspect of the way all of this – both the “fat hateration” and the overweight ladies themselves – uses overweight women (I would include men here, but Tyra has made this clear it is focused on women) as spectacle. I guess I’m not sure how I feel, and eccentricity (is this the right word? Is there ANY right word?) of Tyra and her show don’t really give me any more clarity.


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