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Celebrity Spot-Lite: Weighty Backlash

August 31, 2011

I realize that we’ve been focusing a lot on celebrities and weight recently here on HangryHippo but…for some inexplicable reason, I find this mess fascinating. Celebrities are the hottest messes out there in every sense of the word and I feed on the garbage they produce. In college, I hosted a celebrity gossip radio show “Don’t Cry For Me, Angelina” to make my sick obsession seem more legit and I seriously can’t go a day without reading Dlisted or I get the shakes. So help me feed my addiction and join me for more Celebrity Spot-Lite!

Us Magazine has a brilliant (coughsarcasmcough) “Healthy Lifestyle” slideshow entitled “We’re Tired of the Fat Jokes!” that you should definitely spend your time at the office (c’mon, we all know you’re checking this bull when you’re supposed to be doing actual work, right? And I support that fully!) clicking through.

Some examples include an extremely flattering photo of Kelly Clarkson (coughsarcasmcough…do I have to continue pointing this out? Probably not) with the quote:

“For seven years it’s been happening. It’s like, ‘OK cool, the fat joke,'” she said earlier this year. “I don’t think artists are ever the ones who have the problem with their weight, it is other people.”

The Media Is The Problem

The Media Is The Problem

Astute observation.

There’s also a quote and gorgeous pic from one of my all-time favorites Kate Winslet, who recently started the “Anti-Surgery Club” with Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson:

Nicknamed “Blubber” in high school, she told GQ last year that she still feels like the “fat kid.” In 2007, she won libel damages from a British magazine that claimed she saw a diet specialist.

Blubber What?

Blubber What?

Wow. If Kate Winslet was “Blubber” then I was effing Shamu in middle school…But it’s inspiring to know that she has worked hard to be healthy and even gorgeous people suffer sometimes. Somehow that makes me feel better about life.

Once you complete the slideshow, you will be linked to an even more enticing one: CELEB ABS QUIZ!!! And the brilliance never ends…

(Images Courtesy of UsMagazine)


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