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Not New News, But Still Unbelievable: Pizza Shop Must Pay for Fat Removal Surgery

August 22, 2011

Young Turks again brings us breaking news!!! (from 2009…) about a 380 pound 25 year old man who was hit and injured by a refrigerator door on the job at a pizza parlor. Doctors told him that in order for the necessary back surgery (to deal with the injury) to be successful, he would need to lose weight and thus insisted first on lap band surgery to quickly shed the pounds so he could go ahead with the back surgery. Did that sentence make any sense?


No silly! Lap band surgery! Although that would make about just as much as sense as the rest of this mess.

And guess who’s going to have to pay for all this surgery–back and lap band (which is estimated at $20,000-$25,000)? You get 4 guesses! Go!

Did you answer: his employers? Well, then come and claim your prize!*

The Young Turks make the point that this is going to make “companies afraid to hire overweight people…and this is going to cause discrimination.” It’s an interesting point in setting a precedent, as with health care in this day and age (read: disaster) companies are consistently having to deal with coverage and pre-existing conditions and, in this case, the pizza man’s obesity was a pre-existing condition that exacerbated his on the job injury. But every employee deserves coverage and this is certainly a medical catch-22.

Isn’t it just a smidge ironic that all this is going on at a pizza parlor? That a pizza parlor is going to have to pay for lap band surgery? Like, it couldn’t be a construction worker or an art teacher? Ah, only in America.

*–There is no prize. Except my sincere amazement that you spent time and energy getting that question right.

(Sorry if my posting becomes sporadic for the next few days…I don’t know how you’ll live without it, loyal reader(s?)! But I’m working in the Berkshires for a week and internet access is sporadic at best.)

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  1. John permalink
    August 26, 2011 3:30 pm

    hahaha this is absurd. as my coworker says, “i might as well sue the chocolate shop for making their chocolate so delicious!”

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