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Hilarious Work Out of the Weekend: Stay-At-Home Dad Workout

August 19, 2011

Is it wrong that I think this is the funniest and yet sexiest video I have seen in a long while? Yes. Yes, it is. I have a thing for men who are wonderful around children and…

TMI, I know, I know. But this is a hilarious (especially the part where he is lifting the baby in the onesie around the 2:40 mark…ah, my heart is bursting) and very informative video for Stay-At-Home Dads who want to get in shape while using the resources they are surrounded by.

Viva la babies! And happy weekend!

(Also, sidenote: I am shocked SHOCKED! that nobody commented on the squashing video yesterday…c’mon people!)

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  1. Sexy Curmudgeon permalink
    August 19, 2011 4:46 pm

    As unlikely as it seems, I think you vastly UNDERSOLD this video…where to begin? Toddler, tattoos, retro headband, giant forest background graphic (painting?)…the list goes on and on…and athletic and resourceful to boot! Why do people watch cat videos when they could be watching adorable/weirdly sexy videos like THIS all day??

    As for yesterday’s post…what do you do with a hot mess, wrapped in a hot mess, surrounded by a hot mess, and highlighted by an even bigger hot mess? Too overwhelming for me, maybe some of the pros can take over.

  2. Fedora permalink
    August 22, 2011 4:12 pm

    This short film was amazing. Thank you.

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