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Not New News, But Still Unbelievable: The Tyra Edition: Fatsploitation Part II

August 18, 2011

Aaaannnddd, TYRA’S BACK folks!! I know you missed her so much, so I thought I’d start our week off with a continuation of FATSPLOITATION! On to Part II!

Click here for Part I or to recap: hot mess. Basically, we left off with a fight between a 525 pound internet model who is proud of and completely embraces her overweight self  (“I take a stand for who I am and what I believe in. I don’t care what you or nobody else thinks!”) and a woman who had gastric bypass and is disgusted by this model flaunting her obesity. And now we’re picking up with:

This will seriously change your life. First of all, Tyra finally defined “Fatsploitation” which is apparently: “When full-figured women gain notoriety and even make money because of their size in sexual ways.” But still, all of the women presented are in full control of their image and are themselves profiting off the niche market they have cultivated. And the gem of this episode is truly QUEEN RAQUI, who turned tragedy (her husband, the sole-breadwinner of the family, unexpectedly passed away) into great success (squashing men for money with her 600+ pound frame, and turning the sexualization of the activity into an endurance test, all while being a “size activist”). Now, if that’s not impressive enough, here is why I really truly love and respect QUEEN RAQUI: she uses men as human furniture. YES! And charges them THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS AN HOUR TO DO IT!!! But, “it depends on what you want her to do” and if you want her to “stand on you, it’s gonna cost more.” AND there is no sexual aspect to her work! If a man gets all riled up (because squashing usually is done in a sexualized context), then she makes him sit aside until he calms himself down. THIS WOMAN (no matter what you think of her body or weight) IS MY HERO!!!

So, this all leads to Tyra the GENIUS coming up with a new concept: down-low, closeted men who are with skinny women but secretly want to be with women who are thick. Wow, Tyra, you’ve really outdone yourself this time. I would like to hear from one of these closeted fools, but the video isn’t working so we’re going to have to wait for…FATSPLOITATION PART III! Ugh.

BUT here is something to whet your palette–I apologize for the poor quality of this video (and for possibly ruining your lunch hour), but I leave you with a squashing couple featured on the “Extreme Love” edition of Tyra. Aren’t you glad the week is almost over?!

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