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We Need Some Inspiration Part VII

August 7, 2011
It's In The Stars

It's In The Stars

Recently, I came across an entire website dedicated to celebrating Success Stories of weight loss and there are so many ultra-inspiring stories shared there! That’s Fit: Get Healthy, Be Strong, Live Well is promoting healthy and inspiring weight loss experiences, such as a woman who lost 100 pounds by eating “clean” (cutting out processed foods and condiments) and a man who turned being laid off from his job into an opportunity to change his health and his life, shedding 155 pounds and thus ridding his body of serious health problems such as sleep apnea.

I find personal weight loss stories–where people really take control of their lives, their health, their physical and mental well-being–so incredible and proof that we can all make changes in our life, big or small. I personally know that I need to make my exercise regime more regular, and am going to work harder at this now.

Hope your weekends are wondrous!

(Image courtesy of British Council Learning)

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