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Celebrity Spotlight: Jeff Bridges on Marriage and Exercise

July 26, 2011

Recently, as I was preparing to leave to head out west, I watched the movie “Crazy Heart” and completely fell in love. The story is incredible, Jeff Bridges is fantastic, the music is outrageously wonderful, and the scenery is so gorgeous–what I am lucky enough to be surrounded by right now! Glorious.

I was researching Jeff Bridges afterwards, and came across this fabulous quote:

We’ve been married 33 years. Life can be a challenge. You come up against things where some people say ‘I’ve had it; that’s too tough.’ But if you stay with those feelings and try to understand the other person’s position and really be there for the other person, your love gets to expand. I guess it’s almost like working out. You work out and it becomes easier and you start to enjoy it.

Thank you, Jeff Bridges, for comparing being married to working out. At first, I was like “Oh god, then I was right to never want to get married” but then I started thinking about how my own relationship with working out began and realized that he is.completely.right. I used to hate working out, would run in the other direction whenever anyone would mention it, and after pushing through the physical barriers that prevented me from finding any enjoyment whatsoever in the experience, I now have to work out at least 3-4 times a week or I feel a huge hole in my life. It brings me immense personal and physical fulfillment and I truly enjoy it (note: I do not usually do traditional “work outs” like treadmill or weights…I have had to find what works for me, which is generally swimming or yoga or biking or classes at the gym, and I highly recommend that anyone who finds working out to be painful and terrible try to find something that they personally will find enjoyable). Is this what being married is like? So, now I’m going to have to call into question my entire stance on the marriage issue! My parents will be so happy…Ah Jeff. What a man.

True Love is the Best Work Out Possible?

True Love is the Best Work Out Possible?

(Image courtesy of The Examiner, Love and Marriage)

(Again, sorry these posts are at such random times, but I am seriously in the middle of nowhere in the wild wild west and am updating as often as I can!)

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  1. Sexy Curmudgeon permalink
    July 27, 2011 5:19 am

    So wonderful! Don’t apologize! (It’s YOUR blog!) That IS really inspired – and what a good connection between two things so many of us are interested in – awesome, actually nice celebrities who aren’t complete messes, and getting control of our own bodies/health.

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