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We Need Some Inspiration Part V

July 25, 2011
Inspire Millions Challenge

Inspire Millions Challenge

This week, I wanted to feature a particular challenge that is ultra-INSPIRING: “The Inspire Millions Challenge”!

This is a call to action.

A much higher calling than sculpting a six-pack, toning thighs, selling gym memberships or slinging miracle supplements.

It’s a call for our society to lift each other up off the couch and move.

It is a call to educate each other to eat food instead of chemicals.

It is a call to INSPIRE MILLIONS to stop suffering and live like humans are designed to live.

Wow. Definitely watch the featured video to learn more about this amazing mission. I really hope this movement keeps moving forward and making change. We need more of this out there! Thanks for all your fantastic work.

(Image courtesy of UnderGroundWellness, an incredible site leading this movement and promoting a “dream to revolutionize the way the world thinks about health”!)

(Also, sorry this post is so late, folks. But I’m currently in Colorado and am consistently AWE-INSPIRED by the utter beauty here but am not consistently nearby a computer [glorious]. So, this post may count for tomorrow too…)

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