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Ridiculous Workouts of the Weekend: Acid Trip

July 22, 2011

“Victory and Happiness.” That is what this crazyass video that reminds me of some of the drug trips I had in college claims to endorse.

The description of this video is such:

Really weird poodle exercise video for humans. This is a mesmerizing and frightening video. It’s a word-for-word parody of Susan Powter’s first workout video, featuring poodles and a crazy poodle-woman. Absolutely surreal. It was made by Nagi Noda for Panasonic. It was part of 10 films they made for the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Wow. In my personal hell, they will be playing this video on loop while I push a rock up a giant hill only to have it tumble down into a pool of chocolate which will burn me if I try to eat it…only to have to start all over again with that damned rock… Poodles are terrifying creatures to me (my friend in high school had one that was constantly attacking her from behind…sneaky bastard) and the image of them in spandex doing weight exercises is too much for my fragile mind to bear. Thanks a lot, internet, for bringing this mess into my life. And now I shall bring it into y’alls…muahahaha.

(Special thanks to Bad Girl Ayla Elle for also recommending this…miss you already!)

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