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Fatshion: Shapewear for Men

July 18, 2011

The Spanx-Inspired Assault on Masculinity Is Spreading

announces Gawker.

2(x)ist men’s shapewear sees big bulge in sales

announces the New York Post.
Essentially, folks are rioting over this:
A Bulge in Sales, eh?

A Bulge in Sales, eh?

and this:
Clearly an Assault On All Things Masculine...

Clearly an Assault On All Things Masculine...

Essentially, a company called 2(x)ist (which is seriously an obnoxious name, by the way) has created a form of shapewear for men and it has, well, men up in arms. Here is the “press release“:

2(x)ist offers briefs and trunks fitted with a 6-inch-wide waistband to minimize spare tires and improve posture. Farther below, a wide, easy-breathing band of 90-percent cotton lifts the rear while the company’s signature “contour pouch” handles the job up front.

For those seeking a more dramatic effect up front, a niche line called “Maximize” hoists the male anatomy even farther.

SO THE F WHAT. All I can see (in my extensive experience with male underwear…not) is that it’s like boxer briefs with an added band at the top to push your fat into godknowswhere like women have been suffering with for decades if not centuries (girdles anyone? corsets anyone?)!!! Apparently, the creative director that ended up marketing this idea explained that initially “They looked like torture devices to me.”  Wait a minute. That looks like a torture device but not this???
The Real Torture Device

The Real Torture Device

These are steel corsets. That’s right, STEEL. It was apparently “common for Elizabethan women to wear extremely uncomfortable iron corsets to flatten their bodies, given them a slimmer figure and an ‘ideal silhouette.’ Although wearing intensely heavy iron corsets were not the most enjoyable thing, they reflected class, status, but most importantly the fact that they were in vogue with the latest trends.”

Ugh. Men. Seriously, women have been suffering to have the “ideal silhouette” FOREVER and men are up in arms about this bull? I can’t take it. I think every man should have to wear this new shapewear for at least a day to get an idea of what many women have to deal with. Who’s with me?!

(Images courtesy of New York Post, Gawker, and Maysalcido, all highly interesting and entertaining sites)

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  1. sexy curmudgeon permalink
    July 19, 2011 2:02 pm

    Also apparently men’s shapewear is already running into the same insulting problem as women’s – ie, Why is that gorgeous model Wearing shapewear?!!!!???

  2. fedora permalink
    August 2, 2011 3:40 am

    I am sure there are lots of men loving this! Straight men can’t get away with makeup, let them atleast have shapewear! I anticipate a spike in male confidence!
    And of course it is hillarious that everyone is wearing something to make it look like they have a certain shape, that almost no one has. Atleast that total recall third boob look didn’t catch on, for now…

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