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We Need Some Inspiration Part IV

July 17, 2011
Time To Inspire

Time To Inspire

Ah Inspiration Day. I am currently in New Mexico and ohmygoodness it is an amazingly inspiring and gorgeous place. I feel so grateful to be here. I am constantly in awe of the beauty here.

Our featured inspiring blogs this week are diverse and quite incredible. Check them out:

A Weight Lifted: Healthy weight loss for women tired of dieting. “The title of our blog, A Weight Lifted, reflects the freedom that women say they gain when they let go of the burden of diets and the diet mentality. Our posts reflect our pioneering vision of what it takes for women to reach healthy weights and stay there without obsessing over eating and exercise. We welcome you to A Weight Lifted and hope you’ll contribute your questions, thoughts, fears, successes and, yes, failures. This place is meant for you.”

Weighty Matters [also a HangryHippo feature!]: Musings of an obesity medicine doc and certifiably cynical realist. “Family doc and founder of Ottawa’s Bariatric Medical Institute – a multi-disciplinary, ethical, evidence-based nutrition and weight management centre. Nowadays I’m more likely to stop drugs than start them, and love going to work in the morning.”

Fat Girl Dives In: “I lost 100 pounds once and gained it all back plus a few extra. These words are my diary screaming out loud.”

Amazing. Hope your weekend was wondrous and do check these out!

(Image courtesy of Firetongue on DeviantArt)

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