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Happy 4th of July Everyone!

July 4, 2011

Ah Independence. It’s a beautiful thing. The right to set off fireworks in your own backyard while grilling ground up meat is incontestable and no one is going to take that away from us!

I feel very lucky to be an American. Sure, there’s hot messes all over the place here, but there’s also an immense amount to be grateful for and be proud of.

I usually don’t especially like David Letterman, but I think this “Top Ten” list is interesting mainly because of his monologue before he presents it:

“Top Ten Signs America is too fat…Now, this is sad. It’s not even a funny thing, because the rate of obesity is growing and growing and growing. I don’t blame humans, I don’t blame individuals: it’s the commerce and the culture of this country.”

He then goes on to describe how in any supermarket, there are 500 different types of cookies and how absurd this is. The list is his usual insulting, over-the-top self, but I find that opening to be remarkably insightful on his part.

Happy 4th, everyone! Hope your day is full of fireworks, ground up meat, and general independent merriment.

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