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Blame Your Blackberry/iPhone For Those Love Handles

June 29, 2011
Why The Fat?

Why The Fat?

A new study published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes has found that MULTI-TASKING CAN MAKE YOU FAT!! And yet another thing to add to our list of things that can make us fat…or wait, don’t add that. Wouldn’t you be multi-tasking if you tried to maintain that list while reading this blog? I don’t want to be responsible for that!

According to the study

Juggling too many unrelated tasks can sabotage self-discipline in other areas of your life. As a result, you may find it harder to control your temper, resist fattening foods, or stick to your exercise routineChalk it up to mental overload, brought on by brain drain from excessive multi-tasking at home or on the job.

Essentially, a variety of experiments and tests were performed and found that people had difficulty performing when asked to partake in too many different tasks at once or subsequently, mentally or physically. The findings there imply that “daily self-discipline” (which is required for keeping to a weight-loss diet) and “self-control” are issues at stake, potentially making “you more prey to the temptations of distracted eating, a common problem when people are stressed out by an overly hectic, juggling lifestyle” and inhibiting your “physical endurance and sustained mental motivation” which are “both key elements for sticking to a workout routine.”

Huh. I mean, this is not exactly rocket science. When you are distracted and life is overwhelming, it is certainly more difficult to stick to a diet/maintain a healthy lifestyle/focus on an exercise regiment…especially if you were not motivated to do so in the first place. And the proposed solution?

It’s smart to focus on one task at a time, instead of shifting back and forth between activities, says Kathleen Vohs, another of the study’s authors, because it conserves “mental energy to do the tough stuff,” such as staying motivated to stick your diet and work out regularly, despite the many frustrations, temptations, and obstacles that make sustaining a healthy lifestyle over the long haul so daunting.

The bottom line on multi-tasking? Reducing the frequency with which you jump from one activity to another can help make you healthier, wealthier, and slimmer.

So basically remove yourself from modern American society? Of course there are small changes that you can make in your life to reduce all the external stress and outside focus, and that is an important lesson for all of us. But promising health/wealth/weight-loss through this? Perhaps there will be a “Blackberry/iPhone Free Diet” fad next…

I am signing out with this completely unrelated music video that I just cannot stop watching/listening to. But, these guys are definitely multi-tasking. So, they’d better start making sure they’re not also packing on the pounds while creating beautiful music.

(Image courtesy of, an absolutely hilarious, spot-on blog the mission of which is “Never underestimate America’s capacity to ignore the blatantly obvious.“)

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  1. June 30, 2011 1:40 pm

    This is the story of my life………

  2. June 30, 2011 4:51 pm

    I want to make an epic chinese movie to go with this soundtrack.

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