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HangryHippo Idol: Billy Blanks Tae Bo!

June 22, 2011

Back in the day (over a decade ago! that’s terrifying), when I was a pre-pubescent teenager, my school had to create a gym class just specifically for those of us who were not accepted onto any sports team. Apparently this level of un-athleticism was unprecedented, and our school was at a loss of what to do with those of us who were so uncoordinated/out-of-shape/unwilling that no team would have us. And so, they put us all in a room with a TV, a bunch of work-out videos, and instructed “Have at it!”

Probably not such a good idea to leave our motley crew alone with a TV, but after we got over our initial urge to sit in a circle on the floor and gossip while braiding each others hair, we decided to pop in one of the videos we had heard was all the rage, “Billy Blanks Tae Bo.” And shortly, this man became our idol:

HangryHippo Idol

HangryHippo Idol

First of all, the workout is a buttkicker! Literally! And even our usually unmotivated, angsty group was inspired. Tae Bo is a combination of Tae Kwon Do and Boxing, and “was designed as a different type of aerobic and cardio workout concept which is focused on the soul, mind and body and so the benefits of Tae Bo are both physical and mental.” (Yay Wikipedia) It is an incredibly effective cardiovascular workout, improving “balance, flexibility, coordination…[and providing] self-awareness, self-confidence, and familiarity with martial arts” which is all exactly what an awkward 12 year old girl needs!!

Also, it must be mentioned that Billy Blanks has the most impressive male chichis that ever was. Again, as a group of 12 year old girls who were just beginning puberty and development, this was inspiration in a whole ‘nother way. We spent a whole lot of time staring at those chichis (and the amazing spandex outfits which highlighted them gloriously) in wonder, all whilst punching and kicking our way to sweat and confidence.


So, thank you Billy Blanks. Thank you for inspiring us in so many ways–from calorie burning effectiveness to luscious chichis–and helping get through some of the most uncomfortable years of our lives with you as our idol!


(Image courtesy of ChickLitPlus, a cute website to check out)

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  1. June 22, 2011 11:06 pm

    I love Billy Blanks! His workouts are intense and WORK!

  2. June 23, 2011 6:21 pm

    Oh this just reminds me of how very uncoordinated I am:)


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