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Absurd “Work-Out” of the Week: The Contour Core Sculpting System

June 20, 2011

Insomnia is a hot mess. But when I’m up late, unable to get my ass to fall asleep (well, my ass falls asleep, just not my brain), I watch infomercials and boy is there even more messiness out there to supposedly help you lose weight/get the perfect body!

Last night, I discovered the “Contour Core Sculpting System.” Basically, it is a belt that you wear that will give you abs…without you ever having to do a single sit-up or crunch! Dream come true, right? Now I can go to work, sit on the toilet, or cook a meal, all while getting the perfect tummy! Glorious!

Electroshock Yourself Into Shape!

Electroshock Yourself Into Shape!

I decided to research this handy device, and on The Contour website, I found out a little about “How It Works”:

Electromuscle Stimulation (EMS or eStim) devices generate electrical impulses that trigger an action potential in muscle nerve fibers (motor neurons). This is done by sending small, safe electrical impulses to the muscles via specially designed, medical grade electrodes that adhere on the surface of the skin just above where the nerves attach to the muscles.

Huh. Their website also claims that “EMS is used extensively in hospitals (for healing), health clubs (for training) and spas as part of the beauty regime and by physiotherapists and in sports medicine clinics to treat those annoying sports strains and sprains.” ‘Ok,’ I said to myself, ‘then I’ll just google EMS & eStim to learn more about this safe, extensively used practice!’

Well, it turns out that eStim is actually a “human sexual practice involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body…for purposes of sexual stimulation.” Huh. Not exactly what I was expecting. And for EMS, I learned that “Because of the effect that strengthened and toned muscles have on appearance (a stronger muscle has larger cross-section), EMS is also used by a niche of practitioners for aesthetics goals. The FDA rejects certification of devices that claim weight reduction. EMS devices cause a calorie burning that is marginal at best: calories are burnt in significant amount only when most of the body is involved in physical exercise: several muscles, the heart and the respiratory system are all engaged at once. In general, spot reduction of fat deposits by exercising only a few muscles underneath, voluntarily or electrically, does not work.

Here is what I cannot get over: people would rather continuously shock themselves than do sit-ups. Really? Sit-ups can be fairly uncomfortable and time-consuming, I suppose, but choosing to administer electric shocks to yourself to avoid this practice which should be part of your exercise routine…seems absurd. As one reviewer explained in the Cons of this product “Shocking yourself is not always comfortable.” Ya think?

One thing I do admire about the product, however, is that on the their own website they promote healthy nutrition and exercise.

The Contour Core Sculpting System Ab Belt, featuring the e3 plan, will take you beyond diet and exercise and help you achieve your goals.

  1. eat sensibly – follow the diet guide included with the Contour system to help reduce the layer of body fat covering your midsection.
  2. exercise regularly – we’ve included a 12-week exercise program to help you boost your metabolism.
  3. eStim – The Contour M2 muscle stimulator and Ab Belt will allow you to eliminate the need to do traditional ab exercises. With the Contour Ab Belt you can get 150 perfect contractions in a session. And, best of all you can get in a workout while you go about your daily routine.

So, spend $179.80 (down from $199.80!) to shock yourself into a (not) 6 pack! Or join a gym, start a work-out program, and treat your body with kindness and respect. What will you choose?

(Images  courtesy of a brokedown website on

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