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HangryHippo Idol: Richard Simmons…Party off the Pounds!

June 9, 2011

If only we all had a personal exercise guru to follow us everywhere chanting this!…or maybe that would be creepy?

Really though, how can you not love Richard Simmons, even in just an absurdist campy way? Any man whose “trademark attire is candy-striped Dolfin shorts and tank tops decorated with Swarovski crystals,” lives alone in Hollywood Hills except for “his three Dalmatians and two maids,” and OH “has kept off his own 100+ pound weight loss for 42 years, has been helping others lose weight for over 35 years, and that in the course of his fitness career has helped humanity lose approximately 12,000,000 pounds” is definitely automatically a beloved idol of mine.

People torment Richard, saying that such videos as “Party off the Pounds” above are too silly and lite to lead to effective weight loss, but I think the point of his work is to get people exercising who otherwise would not be.  I mean, look at the people in his videos. They range in all sizes, ages, genders, races…his work does not favor the “already fit customer” and makes it fun and accessible for all.

So let’s all get our “S(l)im-on!” (ugh sorry) and quit the Simmons hate! Appreciate the genuine love.

(All information above from as wikipedia is TRUTH)

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  1. Annalee permalink
    June 11, 2011 3:43 am

    If THAT is not enough to get you exercising, what IS?!


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