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Mission: Satire and Chairercising

June 8, 2011

You may be wondering to yourself ‘What exactly is the mission/purpose of HangryHippo? Why does it exist? And just who is the mastermind behind all of this?’

Well, ponder no longer! I shall now provide answers and a fantastically absurd chairercising video! Now you can work out while you read this blog! Glorious!

The goal for HangryHippo is to highlight the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of the ways that the media and weight loss industries deal with weight issues. I do not to offend any individuals or specific groups of people, but to take on an industry which is largely self-serving FOR PROFIT and trivializes essential issues.  I have noticed in my perusal of other sites, that a lot of overweight hate is being spewed, especially in the comments section. None of that will be tolerated here. This is a space for satire and absurdity, not for bigotry and misinformed judgments.

Along with daily musings on the absolutely astounding amount of (mis)information bombarding us about and attention being paid to the weight loss/maintenance industry, I will also include features near and dear to my heart and stomach, such as:

“Muy Yum!” (translation: Very Yum) Here I (who loves snacks beyond all rational reasoning) play the personal taste tester of the constant “Eat This, Not That” recommendations, and highlight my own muy yum personal findings that are healthy and nutritious and delicious and affordable and…probably different than what you will be handed in a Weight Watchers meeting. But in a muy good way.

“Hangry Hippocrite!”  There are a ludicrous amount of hypocrites out there, especially in the diet industry it seems, and I hangrily aim to expose them! They may tell US to run but THEY can’t hide! Or something like that…


“Media Spot-Lite” Seriously, there is so much frivolous bull out in the media about weight/diets/fitness that it is outrageous. And now I will be compiling it all in one space and making fun of it for your pleasure!

As for me as the creator and author of this absurdist enterprise that is HangryHippo, weight has been an issue that has played many roles in my life and that I have a complicated and multifaceted relationship with, as so many do. After years of failing at diets and weight loss programs, and then working in the diet and weight loss industry, I have realized that ABOVE ALL my main priority is to be healthy, in body, mind, and spirit, and to not allow my weight to govern my life. I am very proud of much of the work I have done in my journey of continuing to become a truly healthy individual, and look forward to sharing that with you. But my main focus will not be on myself.  My main role will be as observer, journalist, and satirist, and while I do intend to include health oriented information, posts, and links, there will be much lampooning of this billion dollar “weight-loss” industry which seems to just be keeping people overweight and unhappy.

Please do comment and contact me as often as possible–I would be elated to hear from any and all readers and include you in this daring adventure of sitting at my computer and satirizing the weight loss industry! But at least I’ll be following the instructions of the chair exercise video while I do it…

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