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Hangry Hangry Hippocrite!

June 8, 2011

Hippos love to eat marbles. And they love to eat ’em FAST. As fast as they can possibly snap open their jaws and voraciously inhale multiple servings of plastic.

This is what I learned from my favorite childhood game, Hungry Hungry Hippos. And it was a lesson that I carried with me for many years, into school cafeterias and sleepovers, except replace “plastic” with “junk food.” I as a “fat kid” found solace and companionship in these hippos, gobbling up their fare without a care in the world.

Not really. But as the “editorial review” over at suggests ( this IS what we should gain from this fabulous competition:  “Utter mayhem ensues, and whoever snares the most marbles wins. If only it would get kids to clean their plates as well as those pudgy hippos do! –Lynne Sampson”

Seriously people? It’s a game for small children. Do we really want kids trying to emulate “pudgy hippos”? Is Hungry Hungry Hippo to blame now for the childhood obesity epidemic? Should we ban one of my favorite childhood memories?

I have not had my mid-morning snack today, and this is the kind of mess that makes me HANGRY! For those of you who are not down with the lingo (, here is a simple equation:


I am personally raising awareness of this very serious state of being, and I will not rest in my quest to have people acknowledge the grave repercussions of denying it. And thus begins my calling out all the HANGRY HANGRY HIPPOCRITES!

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